Masterclass Sessions

Masterclass Sessions

Conference delegates have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an area of learning which will enhance their professional development and build capacity for their organisation by attending 1 of 4 Masterclass Sessions.

1. Tackling the Housing Crisis

The Australian community faces soaring house prices, rental shortages, insecure tenancies, ageing public housing stock and growing homelessness. Nevertheless, during the pandemic, homelessness was virtually solved for a short period proving a solution can be found. What needs to change in both policy and practice?

2. Stories from the Frontline

How does a strong social infrastructure reduce vulnerabilities in disadvantaged and traumatised communities? As a community development practitioner, what do you value about this approach? Hear about the succusses and challenges of front line TEI services working with vulnerable children, young people and families.

3. Sustainable Cities and Communities for All

It is estimated that 50% of the world’s population now live-in major cities. How do we ensure basic needs and quality of life expectations are met in major urban centres? What issues does this create for maintaining connected local neighbourhoods or rural communities? What role do the UN SDG’s play in this? What is working and what needs to change to ensure no one is left behind?

4. Self-determination and Aboriginal Leadership

The right to self-determination for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is one we rightly champion. It makes sense for both policy and practice and the latest Closing the Gap strategy has started to implement this right. What is the experience of Aboriginal-led TEI Services and what difference is it making on the ground? How is this right being progressed in the Neighbourhood Centre sector? Are we failing to enshrine this right in our practice?

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